Merrill's Rohmeyer Takes His Legislator To Work


Michael Rohmeyer, left, with State Sen. Jim Holperin at Dave's County Market. Photo By Collin Lueck

Sen Jim Holperin visited Michael Rohmeyer on the job at Dave's County Market in Merrill last Wednesday as part of the Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign sponsored by the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.

The campaign coordinates visits to workplaces between legislators and their constituents with disabilities who are working at community-based, competitive wage jobs. During the visits, legislators experience first-hand the value of community-integrated employment for both people with disabilities and the state.

"I'm glad the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities conducts the Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign," said Sen. Holperin. "It's good to see success stories of people with disabilities working in the community. Campaigns like this help keep legislators connected to the values important to the people of Wisconsin."

When people with disabilities are employed, they contribute to Wisconsin's economy and use fewer tax-funded public services. The campaign is being organized in conjunction with October's National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

With the help of a job coach and funding from he Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Michael Rohmeyer landed his job at Dave's County Market over a year ago. Now Michael is a stocker at the store and he loves his job. He enjoys being part of a team and having the opportunity to help customers. Michael also feels good about having a job in the community and earning a regular paycheck.

"I get to help customers out and help anybody who needs it," Michael said, adding that he enjoys working with the other employees as well. "The people I work with are like my second, third, and fourth families."

CCCW Member takes Legislator to Work in Rhinelander


Names, in the picture, from left to right are: Roger Novak-Opportunities Unlimited Job Coach, Hannah Wendt-Pizza Hut General Manager, Sam Schlub-CCCW Member, Tom Tiffany-State Representative, Judy Schlub-Sam's Mother, Niki Zwirschitz-CCCW Community Resource Coordinator, Carrie Breitenfeldt-CCCW Health & Wellness Coordinator

Sam Schlub always has a smile on his face, especially at work.

Sam was born with developmental disabilities, but that hasn't kept him from contributing to his community. 

As part of "Take Your Legislator to Work Day" he showed state representative Tom Tiffany what working for a paycheck means for people with disabilities. 

"Sam, this isn't as easy as it looks!” said Representative Tiffany, as he and Sam folded pizza boxes.

“Whether a person has a developmental disability or not, it's just good to know that you can participate and be a productive member of society, and Sam is certainly doing that here with the work he's doing at Pizza Hut," said Tiffany.

Sam has worked as a dishwasher at Pizza Hut for 6 years- thanks to help from a job coach, and Community Care of Central Wisconsin.

"He's excited and it means a lot that someone takes the time to come out and see what he does, and he loves his job, and he's able to be a part of the community," said Carrie Breitenfeldt, Health and Wellness Coordinator with Community Care of Central Wisconsin.

Legislators across the state today met with special needs employees, to see firsthand how they contribute in the workplace.